Why Not Just Let the Insurance Company ...

                                                          Take Care of it ?


It’s great to know that you have insurance when you need it. But keep in mind, some insurance companies may attempt to “steer you” to their network of shops, because they have special negotiated prices. They also may not pay for some necessary procedures that are critical for your vehicle. This is not in your best interest.

It is your vehicle … and your choice where you take it for repairs. Insurance companies must work with the shop of your choice, not theirs. Steering can be described in many ways. Steering may also referred to as a "Deceptive Referral".


Within the collision industry "Steering" is an action taken with or without intent which limits the consumer's right to free choice, and may result in a consumer being mislead into thinking that a particular repairer, vendor, or supplier must be used for repairs.

This typically occurs when the vehicle owner is encouraged to take their vehicle to a preferred repair facility through an unsolicited suggestion, over their own preference by introduction of undue hardship (e.g., "You'll have to pay the difference if you go there", or ”There could be a loss of a warranty by  repairing there”), or by unobtrusively guiding the consumer in their decision on where to get their vehicle repaired. 


It's Your Vehicle ... and Your Choice


Select a Repair Expert in your area that you can trust.


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