Your Basic Rights


You - The Vehicle Owner
No one plans for an accident to happen. Statistically each person will only have an
accident once every seven or more years,
so it is not something many are experienced
in dealing with.

When it does happen, it is inconvenient,
and many times a stressful and confusing




Basic Right 1:

You as the vehicle owner have complete control over where the vehicle is to be repaired.


  • Often this includes where the vehicle is to be towed if disabled.

  • Regardless what any insurance representative or 3rd Party implies, you have the freedom to choose where the repairs will be made.

  • Your selection does not have anything to do with your policy premiums or cancellation.


This right is based on the language in your actual auto policy. Even though there are a few "PPO/HMO" type policies in some areas of the world, requiring a Direct Repair Provider stated by an insurance company to be mandatory is not correct, and in many areas is considered illegal "Steering".


Basic Right 2:

You as the vehicle owner have an option to have an independent review of your damages.


  • Most auto policies have an "Appraisal Cause" to adjudicate through an independent Umpire your damages.

This process is designed to have your interests protected from "bad faith" claims practices when you and the insurance company can not reach an agreement on the extent of damages to your vehicle. This process includes having someone represent your interests such as a public adjuster or independent appraiser, and they meet with an umpire that is agreed upon by both you and the insurance company.


Basic Right 3:

The rate that the insurance company offers you for payment to the repair facility of your choice does not have to be the lowest rate in the area.


  • The rate allowed must be reasonable for the market area, and typically is not required to be the same rate as the insurance company's direct providers.

  • These difference are often denied, but are recoverable through small claims court actions.